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οἶκος is the Greek word from which we get the words “ecology” and “economy.” In the New Testament, the word usually translated as “house” is οἶκος. The oikos is our house and habitation. More…

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Deep down inside I’m a firebug. I love to watch things burn…


When was the last time you said to yourself, “Gee, I’m so glad I have a nose that works, that smells things the way they are, that lets me taste and enjoy food?” Never, right?

Covid Christmas

The SO and I both have Covid19 so it’s not going to be much of a Christmas. We’ve already told my sons and granddaughter not to come over. I put on some Christmas music and it sounded pretty lame and I ended up with Tupac.

Covid19 and Crashing to the Floor

Covid19 is a real bitch. I was formally diagnosed today, and given Paxlovid. I blacked out in the kitchen last night, fell hard, woke up when I hit the floor. I was bleeding and hurt in so many places. I laid on the floor for 6 hours before I could get to my feet.

She cleans the blood off of my jeans.

She cleans the blood off of my jeans.I don’t know how it gets there.I’m just bleeding again. Again.I fight with the world. It’s just my way.God, I’m bleeding again. I’m tired,tired of bleeding, tired of hurting.The gods hate us; they’re jealous of us.They fear our freedom. They fear us.They are powerful and they cravethe live,…

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