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οἶκος is the Greek word from which we get the words “ecology” and “economy.” In the New Testament, the word usually translated as “house” is οἶκος. The oikos is our house and habitation. More…

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Retribution is one of my spirit animals. I have three spirit animals: a big black cat, a blue bottle fly who appears to be immortal, and a mourning dove. This is about the dove.

My Secret Sauce for Happiness on Twitter

The hardest thing to do on Twitter is to grow your followers when you first start out with it. It’s the most common complaint that I hear from new people and it is an inherent weakness with Twitter.

I had a vision of you and me

I had a vision of you and menaked and wet in the fallsat Cumberland Gap.You were radiant and you mademe glad to be alive that day.You have no idea…I thanked heaven I was alivethat day.I thanked the gods, andevery spirit in the woods,every rock and tree.I thanked them all forletting me be therein that moment. […]

While the Incense Burns

While the incense burns form a vision in your head.Raise some sexy magick from the sleepy ground. While the incense burns dance the spirit shake.Move with the rhythm of the fish, the snake. While the incense burns, dance with your lover.Tell dumb jokes and run for cover. While the incense burns talk to an angel […]

Breathe This Morning

Breathe This Morning Breathe this day –the cold, clear, perfect air,the radiant light,the moment of peace. Breathe this chilly perfect airinto your nose, your lungs, your heart.Breathe this sunlightinto your soul. Breathe this morninginto your wounded heart.Breathe the feeling into your memory.It will heal you. Breathe Syd Weedon2/6/21

Two Doves

Two Doves Two doves on the corners of the eaves,two doves in the middle of winterwhen they should have flown south.They bring me messages and visions –peace, blessed peace, and two means love,divine animating love, the love of the angels,the love of wind and flame, water and earth. Two doves on the old house eaves […]

Incantation for Tomorrow, January 4, 2021

Incantation for Tomorrow1/4/21 I dressed my candles with Rosemary oil,lit the incense and drew the circle.The Wand flashed in the air.The Sacred Sage healed and cleansed.I rang the bell and called the spirits –demons and angels – I didn’t care –whoever wanted to do the job would do.I intoned the litany of change and power.I […]

That Sweet Music – 12/20/20

That sweet musicof your lifelisten for it.Listen, it’s there,in its heartbreaking beauty,in the love, the smiles,the laughing your ass offin the kitchen, drunkand dancing, free for just a moment.Remember me this way.Remember us this way.Remember joy. That’s what it was aboutall along.

Go out into that night –

12/24/20 Christmas Eve Go out into that night – the stones and candles will lead you. The wind and the rain and the snow will lead you. The pain and the beauty and the glory will lead you.

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