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οἶκος is the Greek word from which we get the words “ecology” and “economy.” In the New Testament, the word usually translated as “house” is οἶκος. The oikos is our house and habitation. More…

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When I Finally See…

When I finally seethe face of God,I have a feeling thatshe’ll look a lot like you. Syd Weedon10/21/2020

Gather To You What You Need

Gather to you what you need.The winter wind blows cold.There are things you need to know,things that can’t be told. Take this secret from my lipsbefore the wind has blown…There are things you need to seethings that can’t be shown. Reach out with what’s inside youNo? You say it’s already gone?Leaves you wondering, doesn’t it,leaves […]

Dreams of Waters…

If you would have healing,if you would be fixed,Remember goodness.Remember being kind.Remember the warm touchon your shoulder when youwere beaten and hurting.Remember kindness. Remember that feelingthat somebody cares,that you are not completely,desperately alone here.Remember that we cameinto this world alone,and we did all right.Remember love. Remember the watersof birth, of the Mother –the warm ocean […]

Strange Moon

It was a strange moon. I didn’t know what to do.I could see all kinds of things in it,angels and demons and butterflies and dragons.I could see all kinds of things. Inside my head was full of snakes and nightmares.That strange moon will do that,and no one else sees where I go, or what I […]

A Spell for Life

Put a coal to the sacred white sage. Make smoke. Look to the East, to Morning and new beginnings.Look to the South, to light, heat, energy and growth.To the West there is wisdom and good conclusions.To the North, I see the guiding North Star. Spread the smoke and chant the words. We thank the Water […]

Into the Dark – What You Love

I fade the world and everything in itwith an unbounded arrogance.Sorry, it’s just my careless way.I mean no harm, but only to escape –break everything that binds the soul,banish the petty and the trivial.Time is short. Time is terribly short. You are what you love.Darkness and night – my true home,my mother, lover, sister and […]

8/3/20 Full Moon

“Brother, do you know Jesus?” No, I can’t say we ever met.I heard he was a nice young cat,a haunted poet prophetwith a crazy father – I can relate. But, no, he never took me to lunchor dropped by the house.No cards or letters,or phone calls on my birthday. He missed my wedding.I’m sure he […]

Crystal Magick

I visited the shop where I buy my herbs, but instead of heading to the back of the store where the loose herbs are kept, I was drawn to a display, like an open bookshelf in the front window. The afternoon sun brilliantly illuminated a quartz crystal, almost appearing to blaze in the afternoon rays. […]

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