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οἶκος is the Greek word from which we get the words “ecology” and “economy.” In the New Testament, the word usually translated as “house” is οἶκος. The oikos is our house and habitation. More…

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How I Started with Tarot

Spring, 1971, senior year of high school. I went into a head shop called The Leatherhead. I was there to buy a pipe or papers. They had the RWS deck and Waite’s “Illustrated Tarot” and I bought them.

When It’s Time to Go

11/14/21 = 10 = The Wheel of Fortune When it’s time to go,you saddle up your horseand ride off into the sunset.Don’t delay it or drag it out.Don’t make it awkward.Make it quick and surgicallike a samurai sword.Make it beautiful and heartbreaking,like Clark Gable exiting stage rightfor the last time, “Frankly, my dear,I don’t give […]

Our 44th

Our 44th Anniversary is tonight. Still together. Still going strong. Happy Anniversary, babe. I want a hundred more.

The Four Rules of Gun Safety

The Four Rules of Gun Safety: 1. Treat every gun as if it were loaded. 2. Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. 3. Never cover anything with the muzzle of a gun that you don’t intend to destroy. 4. Know your backstop.

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