The Forest Giants of Bernheim Forest

I went out to visit the Forest Giants of Bernheim Forest. Some say they’ve come out to the edge of the wood to tell us they’re worried about the forests. Little Nis is captivated by his own reflection in the lake. Mama Loumari is pregnant with another son, while Little Elina likes to play with rocks. Click on any of the photos to get the slide show view of the full photographs.

Bernheim Forest is a magical place even without the giants. It is 16,000 acres of forest, lakes, hiking trails. It contains a wonderful arboretum, a research facility, miles of hiking trails and much more. To learn more of the history and facilities at Bernheim, visit their website.

While it seems inconceivable to me, this ecological treasure is under threat. The local power company wants to run a high pressure gas pipeline through the forest. There is also concern that the state may try to carve off a piece of the forest for an extension to the expressway which is a couple of miles away. This is just crazy. It shows us that many in industry and government are still tragically near-sighted and myopic about the environmental threats that we face.

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