Simple Magic for Brighter Future

When you look around the world things can appear grim and scary. Here is some simple magic to make a better world:

1. Be nice to somebody today.
2. Learn to think about other people.
3. Take pictures of the people and the world around you.
4. Check your address. If it’s not Syria be thankful.
5. Answer a little kid when it talks to you.
6. Stay in the shower longer than you have to.
7. Spend a few minutes with someone who is hurting.
8. Read a book.
9. Pick up a piece of litter.
10. Kiss that favorite someone for no reason whatsoever.
11. Indulge in silliness.
12. Fix a great meal. Share it with someone you love.
13. Go outside your house.
14. Remember a day that made you glad to be alive.
15. Write down something that happened.
16. Make someone laugh.
17. Refinish a piece of furniture.
18. Take a nap without feeling guilty.
19. Breathe deeply.
20. Dance in the kitchen.
21. Plant a seed.


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