I am the beach,
the sand and rocks
where you break
and crash foaming.

You surge, splash,
thunder and roar,
sparkling dance,
incessant noise.

Toss mysteries
onto my sand,
starfish and crabs,
bottles, driftwood.

Glide exhausted
on my shore, spent,
I push you gently
back to the sea.


  1. I know what you mean about not having beaches! Here in Colorado, we have all the majestic mountains but I do miss beaches! I grew up in Nova Scotia where the beach was just a short walk away from my house. I had a big rock I would swim out to (when the tide was high) and I would sit on that rock for hours. When the tide was low, I could walk out to the big rock! Bliss was mine when I was at the beach!

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    • That sounds really wonderful. I never have lived near the ocean. I’m an earth creature I guess, but I still get this mystical thing going about being down at the water.


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