Tuesday was nothing but a bad day

Tuesday was nothing but a bad day
that hadn’t happened yet.
He sipped a whiskey
and contemplated his fate,
or the lack thereof.
“Blessed is he who expects nothing,
for he shall not be disappointed.”
He pushed his back up straight
against the hard wooden chair.
None of this had to happen,
none of it. There were choices.
He felt the crush of the night.
The cat wanted in and then out
and then in and then out…
If he would have had morphine
he would have taken it.
He would have taken anything
except meth – only fools take meth –
but it was like that.


      • Thanks. I knew what you meant. I’m OK. I was a little pouty. I had to get the kid’s car out of the impound and then go to the dentist and deal with some issues there. These were trivial problems really, but that and the weather got me down. I so appreciate your kind words and thoughts. ❤

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