War Never Fixes Anything

We interrupt our regularly scheduled programming for a public service announcement:

War never fixes anything. War only shatters things. It’s a matter of can you shatter the other guy worse than he can shatter you? Everybody bleeds, like a knife fight. Mothers get their children back in boxes. Think about that. Beautiful young men and women get arms and legs and brains blown off. They come home shattered and broken.

War never fixes anything. It smashes things. There are no quick endings. Nothing is tidy in war and nothing ever really gets settled. Old enmities live forever it seems. There are no good guys in the end. The people who fight it are never the ones who start it. A political leader who leads his country into war is, by definition, incompetent.

War never fixes anything. It burns money like a brush fire burns prairie grass. War is always stupid. War is a failure of civilization, a failure of thought, a failure of heart. “War is not good for children and other living things.” Think of all the things we could have done with the money we have wasted on these wars – the children we could have fed, the bridges we could have built.

War never fixes anything. War breaks things. It breaks arms and legs, minds and hearts. War breaks souls. War makes wounds that never heal, and pain that is passed down for generations. War makes monsters of men and women, monsters who can never come home, monsters who are forever trapped in the moment of their greatest evil.

War never fixes anything.


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