Alien Reconciliation

“Alien Love” Syd Weedon, pen and ink

“No, darling, I have no idea of what you’re talking about.”

“Is this one of those things out of your unconscious?”

“Maybe. Like Nessie. I keep seeing him in my dreams.”

“The Scottish plesiosaur?”

“Yeah, him. Well sometimes I see mother…”

 “That’s pretty weird.”

“Yeah. Do we still hate each other?”

“Last time I checked…”

“Come on, Gabby, give me a cat blink.”

“She doesn’t understand what you’re saying.”

“She does too. She’s really smart.”

“She’s a cat.”

“You’re being a species bigot.”

“She’s a cat.”

“She thinks a lot of really deep thoughts, but they’re cat thoughts.”

“Whatever. Maybe if she were a Scottish plesiosaur…”

“Do you still hate me?”


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