You take this pill only…

“Withdrawal – starts with the chills,
then queasy stomach begins,
then a kind of crawly squirming
distraction of the brain.
Then little knives of pain
slice across the chest,
and slice up and down.
Then comes the itching –
the peel your skin off
with your fingernails itching…”

You take this pill only
because not taking it is worse.
You take this pill when your brain crawls
like bug on a hot car hood.
You take this pill when even going on
is an open question.
I don’t want to go under that cloud again,
the dark, empty, endless dreams,
sleepwalking days –
it steals your life, literally –
time soul mind dreams.


  1. Thanks. Generally my health is very good and I have a lot to be thankful for. This thing was definitely a curve ball I wasn’t expecting. I am feeling much better and I’m off the gabapentin now for three weeks. I’m looking forward to a fun spring. I appreciate and enjoy your comments.

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