Blue Bottle Fly

“Blue Bottle Fly” Syd Weedon, 2020

I have an acquaintance who is an insect, a blue bottle fly. I wouldn’t really call him a “friend” because we never actually talk or exchange birthday cards, but we have spent a lot of time together over the years. He must be quite elderly in fly years. This has led me to suspect that perhaps he is not a fly at all. I’ll try to explain.

I smoke on my back porch. I don’t like smoking odors in the house, so I go out on the deck to light up. I will be leaning against a post enjoying the day and this large blue bottle fly comes and lands on the left hand railing. He always lands in the same place. He never lands anywhere else and his behavior is always the same. He is larger and distinct from the multitude of flies we normally get in the kitchen. He has done this for years. There is no reason to doubt that he is only one being, except for the fact that flies don’t live 20+ years. This one has.

I guess I should be flattered that an insect would achieve virtual immortality in order to share my company. Alternately, I could see being totally creeped out that this weird being has selected me out of all of creation for his visitations.

This has gone on for long enough that my mind has begun to play with the riddle. If he’s not a fly, what is he?

He could be a little visitor from outer space, like those in “Men in Black” that can cloak themselves in a familiar outer form, and maybe he’s lonely and he comes to me because I don’t try to kill him. He returns the favor by staying out of my food.

He could be the Devil come to watch and wait for me to have a moment of weakness. If so, he missed it.

He could be a familiar spirit like the witches have which assists them in their works. These are said to adopt the shapes of animals so as not to draw attention to themselves. I can’t tell that he helps me to do anything.

He could be my guardian angel disguised. He would necessarily have a twisted sense of humor expressed by him dressing up like a fly and causing me to doubt my sanity.

I proved he wasn’t a hallucination because I can shoot a picture of him. You can’t shoot pictures of visions and vampires.

Last but not least, he could be a little robotic drone sent by the CIA to spy on me. I hear they’re making them really small these days. But then, what have I ever done that would interest the CIA? If I am under surveillance it could only be for my good looks.

I guess there are some little mysteries in life that we just have to learn to live with.

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