Sunlight soft

Sunlight soft
as if through a gauze.
Air warm with
t-shirt weather,
it’s easy to forget.

It’s easy to forget
the dying.
It’s easy to forget the pain,
the horror.
It’s easy in this soft morning.

I can’t even touch you,
kiss you, hold you
in my arms.
This is no way to live,
no way to die.

In the morning,
when you find an angel
sitting on the rim
of your coffee cup,
you know the time is not long.


  1. This almost made me cry! I listen to my daughter talk about how awful it is for the people that have this virus. How it is affecting her as a nurse. I am praying she does not get it taking care of all the infected people. It has only just begun and our hospital is filling up more each day. Stay safe my friend!

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