And Now for Something Completely Different – Lettuce

When a photographer is trapped inside his house for weeks (I’ve lost track) you get a little crazy and start shooting things around the house.

I grew lettuce in a cold frame all through the winter. It didn’t do much in the really cold months, but once we began to get some almost warm days it really took off.

Unfortunately, lettuce is not a good substitute for toilet paper, but by God we’ve got salad.

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  1. I truly thought ‘toilet paper’ was a British fetich, Syd. I some perverse way I am rather pleased another nation is alflicked with the same curse. The end of the world is nigh; an Englishman’s final wish, not a night in the company of the young Bardot, not a final vindaloo, but toilet paper in droves.

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    • It is soooo stupid. I have visions of people sitting around in tiny apartments with rolls of toilet paper stacked to the ceiling. Nobody can shit that much. It is so bad that I have been stocking up on coffee filters, napkins and facial tissue. You still can’t find toilet paper in the stores unless you get there at 7 AM when they first open. What people should be worried about is food. The supply chain is beginning to break down.

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      • Dear Shirl reckons the lust for toilet rolls is because, sheet for sheet, it’s vastly cheaper than a box of tissues. Additionally, the presumption that a well-blown nose might just save the day were they to catch the dreaded virus. At first I thought she was talking bollocks, yet now believe she may be onto something. The human mindset plays irrational tricks, more so the mind of a fuckwit…of which this nation of ours has aplenty.

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      • People want to believe that they are doing something to protect themselves when they are really not very good at taking care of themselves. Most have no plan for their own survival in the event of a disruption. Those who do are derided as “preppers.” We have become decadent. We create artificial problems in order to avoid the real problems. I have a hard time maintaining an optimistic attitude these days.

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