When You’re Cooped Up in the House with a Camera

I’m having a hard time remembering the last time I left the house. I’m going just a bit stir crazy. I have never been one to run around a lot but it’s nice to get out from time to time. But nooooooo… we got the coronavirus. So, I guess we’re gonna’ be taking a lot of pictures of the cat, and my plants. Who knows, I may get wild and crazy and photograph the damned plumbing.

I do understand why people are getting restless and doing those stupid “Let’s Prove Darwin Right” rallies. I could see people coming around to a feeling of being willing to take a chance on the virus because the social distancing has become intolerable, and maybe the Angel of Death has already passed by them, and maybe they won’t get it. I can see that. The economy can’t sustain this much longer, and we humans are social creatures. The scientist in me says that no matter how attractive that may look, it’s a bad idea. If we can give it another month we will be in much better shape.

But, I’m not sure that people can wait that long. I’m not sure they can stand it, especially the hourly workers, service industry people… well really, not much of anybody. I’ve been around for a while and I’ve never seen anything like this. It is indeed novel.

If you’re interested in the camera details, these are from a Nikon D7500 with the 16-85 mm DX VR lens. The pictures were post-processed in Lightroom using the Nik Filters.


    • She is a little stone cold killa. We used to have a bunch of varmints around the house. Not any more. Right now she is lying on her back because she’s bored and it’s raining, but if I take the bait and touch her stomach I will bleed. Thanks for your kind words on the photos.


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