Crystal Magick

I visited the shop where I buy my herbs, but instead of heading to the back of the store where the loose herbs are kept, I was drawn to a display, like an open bookshelf in the front window. The afternoon sun brilliantly illuminated a quartz crystal, almost appearing to blaze in the afternoon rays. Instinctively I reached up and took it in my right hand. The next time I set it down was in my kitchen at home. I did pay for it of course, $20 as I recall and I thought it was a bargain. Never steal a magical tool. Always pay a fair price. It was a funny sensation. I am usually more circumspect when buying things, but with this crystal it was simply, “You belong with me.”

Of all the magical tools, even more so than the beloved Tarot, crystals are the most intuitive magical implements of them all. You don’t need a manual. You hold it in your hand and the crystal tells you what needs to happen. If a person is sensitive enough, one can feel the vibratory patterns of the crystalline molecular structure. Needless to say, one needs to quiet down and focus one’s own psychic energy into the situation. The crystals are just helpless rocks buried in the ground without the fuel of human mental energy. You charge your crystals with your own energy and the energy of the world around you. Some people who work with them a lot consider them to be living beings.


    • The crystals are one of my favorite things. I have a good intuition about their vibrations and moods. I received a new quartz pendant yesterday. It’s really beautiful and perfect. I was outside last night at midnight charging my crystal under the slightly waning moon.

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  1. I 100% agree, Syd. Crystals are living channels for energy and I love working with them! I always charge my working stones under a full moon and for a couple days and nights around the full moon.

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    • I have some new amethyst points that I’m eagerly awaiting the full moon to charge. Tonight is the New Moon and I am experimenting with a couple of stones tonight to see how they may do. One is a smoky quartz point that has really good vibes.

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