Go out into that night –

12/24/20 Christmas Eve

Go out into that night –

the stones and candles

will lead you.

The wind and the rain and the snow

will lead you.

The pain and the beauty and the glory

will lead you.


      • Thanks for asking, Sir. It’s a stupid situation I allowed to consume me. My loathing of the Brexit brigade…along with confrontations they ensured, ones that I couldn’t just take on the chin devoid of a reaction…caused a level of stress I’d not thought possible. I had no conception that stress within the brain affected the workings of the body. In short, I’ve been ill in both mind and body. Most galling, that’s for sure. I trust the world is working on your side and your Christmas was a fine one.

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      • Body and Spirit are not the radical dichotomy that we sometimes think it is. I have had to just turn the external noise off, or I worry and check my phone all the time. I’m reading a lot. I’m glad you are back here and I hope things continue to improve for you.

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