Early Spring Flowers

I realized that this was my first spring photo walk of the decade. I got a kick-ass new lens, a Nikon 18-200mm and I was itching to try it out. I also got my first COVID-19 shot so I’m feeling better being out and around other people. I do want to say that anyone refusing to take the vaccine because of some bullshit they heard from Trump or Qanon is a complete idiot and deserves to die a slow agonizing death.

It felt really good to be out. This is terrible to admit, but I have been buying camera gear with my stimulus check. I bought a factory refurbished Nikon D7500 with a chunk of the first check and some money I had been saving. I bought a new Nikon 18-200mm VR lens with a piece of the second check. The 18-200 is brilliant — lightning fast, great color and the elements are designed to give a nice bokeh in Program Mode.

Here is some more: (click on any frame for the gallery view)


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