A Visit from an Angel

I was on my back porch smoking a cigar in a gentle rain and something took shape on the walk below, a white figure just for an instant. I had the stillness to not get defensive and I asked it for a message. I got a rush of the most wonderful energy. My head felt like a Tesla ball. While the image didn’t last, the air seemed supercharged with energy, so much so that I felt that it was still there.

While this sort of thing doesn’t happen to me very often, my normal response to entities that appear out of nothing is fear. What was interesting about this encounter was my response to it: I felt no fear and I had no reflexive defensive response to it. I just stood there in the gentle rain and felt it. I reached out to it with my mind/intuition. I had the presence of mind to ask it a question rather than close up, and the answer, the rush of energy I got, was thrilling. It felt like I was 18 again and had just dropped some really good acid.

I should say that I have been studying the psychic arts, particularly tarot, but with an eye to my own psychic development rather than fortune telling. I meditate daily in a structured course of deep breathing and visualization. I have done a lot of reading on Qabalah, tarot, magic and esoteric philosophies. So, the pump is certainly primed for some vivid psychic experiences.

So, what did I see on the walk? Being completely honest, I don’t know. What I can say about it is that it felt really good. My response to it was unusual. It left me with a flood of positive emotions, and ten days later I’m still thinking about it.

Was it an angel? It wasn’t a demon. I’m familiar with them. This was a powerful energetic pulse, and as I said before, it felt really good. It was both sensual and cerebral. My experience with angels is pretty limited, usually to apparitions who were willing to buy me a beer when I was broke, so I really don’t know. I asked my magick pendulum if it were an angel and it said, “I really don’t know.”

I hope that angels do visit us, regardless of how we understand them. I hope bright spirits come to us sometimes with gifts. That’s the kind of world I want to believe in.

Syd Weedon


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