Soft Rain

Gentle breeze –
it brings me back to life.
The rain on my head is cleansing,
washing away, washing away –
washing away the darkness
of the day.
Happiness is to be found
between this world
and the next.
“…Darling, save the last dance
for me.”

Star Maiden, I so crave your visions.
I crave your cool, clear light.
I crave your touch
which would probably kill me
but it would be worth it.
I would die in rapture
but that’s not tonight.
Pour your magic water
on the parched ground.
Let poems rise from the dust,
and stones explode into songs.
I’m serious about this.
We need a change.

Soft rain, like tears
falls on the aching world,
rain like tears, tears for everything,
even for stupid commercials,
billboards, songs, sun rises –
everything, tears for everything.
Tears for saying “goodbye”
and tears for saying “hello.”
Soft rain like tears –
Why is the sky crying?
There is something
we don’t understand,
something important.

Rain like tears, rain soft
and aching like memory,
rain soothing like a baptism,
rain raw as a wound,
and you hobble along,
knowing that you are wounded,
knowing that the off ramp
is coming up. The off ramp
is coming up. No way to finesse
this, as if I wanted to.
Rain like tears
rain soft, aching and soothing.

Syd Weedon

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