I don’t need tarot cards

I don’t need tarot cards,
no tumbling dice or runes,
no gypsy lady and a crystal ball,
to see where this all goes.

When I awaken in the morning
I feel the weight of it in my bones
In the evening my eyelids droop.
Something deep in my soul moans.

I didn’t do it; it wasn’t my fault.
I swear. I wasn’t there.
I would have wanted something
different, easier, maybe fair.

I would have wanted something
that didn’t hurt so much.
It could have been so very easy –
and fun like having lunch.

I don’t blame you for your crimes.
I don’t blame anyone at all.
We were all blind and stupid,
and backed against the wall.

Everything they gave to us
we tore it all apart.
We thought of it as a sacrament,
a sacrifice of the heart.

There’s nothing left to see now,
little pieces of me and you,
litter blowing in the restless wind,
still wondering what to do.

Syd Weedon

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