The Hawk and the Rainbow

Red Tailed Hawk with Rainbow at My Place, 9/11/2022

I have always felt his presence, like finding small animals gutted in ways I know the cat doesn’t do, but I have never seen him this openly, sitting on the top of the pine tree like he owns the place, and in a way he does. He has no natural predators. He can kill as he wants to.

Then we noticed the horizon-to-horizon rainbow, and somehow it was coming right for the hawk, and he knew what it meant. I wish I did. We both said it was an omen and the feeling was quite magical. I wish you could have been there.

Some see the rainbow as a bridge that the departed use to go to the next world. Some see it as a promise from God. Some see it as leprechauns and pots of gold, and others see it as a sign of resistance and pride. I’m a photographer so I see it as light refracting through water vapor.

The hawk was a sign. He has never come this close before and he stayed a long time. This bird is enormous. It is thrilling to see him fly, and even more so when he settles in for a visit. And yet, you know he is a predator. The hummingbirds and sparrows I’ve been feeding would make a tasty snack. He makes me anxious when he comes. I send him thought messages, “Leave my doves alone.”

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