The Lovers

The Lovers, they can take on
anything. They’re invincible.
Sacred fire flows between the two,
warming and healing them.
It’s a fire that won’t be tamed.

The Lovers, they’re lost in each other’s
eyes and that’s all they see.
They don’t need anything
other than that loving gaze
from The Other.

The Lovers, they know a sense
of completion most people never know.
They walk in each other’s dreams.
They don’t have to talk;
they just know.

The Lovers, they’re the twin flame
burning white hot and nothing
can ever come between them.
Don’t even try. They only see
The Other. They only see the love.

The Lovers, they will burn
like stars through the eternal night.
They will melt the ice of winter
with the heat of their warm skin.
They will greet the dawn open-eyed.

Syd Weedon
9/27/2022 = 24 = 6 = The Lovers

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