Covid19 and Crashing to the Floor

Covid19 is a real bitch. I was formally diagnosed today, and given Paxlovid. I blacked out in the kitchen last night, fell hard, woke up when I hit the floor. I was bleeding and hurt in so many places. I laid on the floor for 6 hours before I could get to my feet. I was so weak that I could not get to my feet for the first time in my life.

The SO caught it first. She woke up around 2AM and came downstairs. She couldn’t get me up and I was a mess (some details omitted). She got me a pillow and a blanket — I refused an ambulance to the ER. Around 6 AM I was finally able to get to my feet. (More details omitted.) As of the moment of this writing I feel like I collided with the Death Star. My body feels like what Elon Musk is doing to Twitter.

The irony here is that we both made it through the three years of the pandemic without catching it. It was only when folks just decided it was over and it didn’t exist anymore that we both caught it. Covid19 is still here and the infections are rising.

The SO and I have both been vaccinated, her four times and me three. We still got it. Our cases are mild compared to the early days. I had the same experience with the shingles vaccine. I caught shingles anyway, but it was a much milder case. Same with Covid19. So, still keep taking this thing seriously. You can be the most macho guy in the world, but you won’t feel macho on the kitchen floor a 5 AM.


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