The Spell of Remembering

Poet and the Elements, Syd Weedon, 2020

You were taught to forget.
Recall back in school
how they taught you
not to play
not to dream
to fit in
sit down
and shut up.

You were taught to forget:
your soul
your child.
You were taught to doubt
your mind
your heart
your magic.

Come into the now.

Remember now
your secret self
and what you hid
from the hungry world
now your passion
trembling in your legs
the mad movie
playing in your head.

Remember now
your dream
the luminous angel
who guided your steps
on a hard path
now the deep
of an oceanic connection.

See the shattered pieces
of yourself scattered
like the body of Osiris
when Isis had to search
the world and gather
to her grieving breast
the pieces of her love
and raise him from the dead.


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