A Séance for Myself

Syd at the Rathke Ranch on Pike’s Peak, Colorado, 1982

I call to you, myself, my soul,
across the chasm of time –
come to me now, be with me here.
Let me have some peace of mind.

I feel you out there in the light,
The light that I can’t see.
I can’t reach you: I can’t touch you,
but you’re the best part of me.

Gray dove moans its lonely song.
Blue fly buzzes here and there,
but I cannot hear you, see you
touch you. I am alone in the air.

How did we come apart?
How did we drop the thread?
How did we lose each other?
We forgot the things we said.

Come back to me, break the curse
We need to talk again. We need
to tell those dumb old stories.
There’s a hunger we must feed.

Speak gently to me and be patient
for I am injured and lame.
I have so many questions
and nothing is really the same.

Stir the curtains by the stairs
or ring a cold brass bell –
anything to reach across,
and show me you’re still there.

Syd Weedon


  1. Has a song like quality to it. I’m hearing the bridge in the gray dove stanza. This is a different approach than a lot of your work. always an inspiration.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks, Tom. I appreciate your response. The song like quality is not an accident. I have been paying closer attention to meter and rhyme. I read a piece by Langston Hughes that rhymed ABAB and I liked it. I have a friend in England named Katherine who writes wonderful poems with really natural organic rhyme and I enjoy her work. My first poem in the second grade rhymed AABB. I hope you’re doing OK and staying safe.


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