Into the Dark – What You Love

I fade the world and everything in it
with an unbounded arrogance.
Sorry, it’s just my careless way.
I mean no harm, but only to escape –
break everything that binds the soul,
banish the petty and the trivial.
Time is short. Time is terribly short.

You are what you love.

Darkness and night – my true home,
my mother, lover, sister and brother,
friend and enemy. I am not sleeping now.
I am not dreaming. I am staring
with tired eyes into this dark void,
this black hole where no light escapes.
If there is a guiding star I will find it now.

You are what you love.

Wring from me the truth. It’s my only hope.
Before time washes over my old hands,
before the endless silence falls,
I’d like to tell the truth, just once,
just once really right, really clean –
you know, like really nail it down and say,
“That’s it. That’s what I meant all along.”

You are what you love.

What comfort could then be spoken?
Can some soothing illumination be found?
Stare boldly into the deepening shadows.
The demons will flee like sullen children,
like shadows from the corner of your eye.
Light is stronger than shadow, but fickle,
and the color of the universe is darkness.

You are what you love.

Syd Weedon


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