A Spell for Life

Pregnant Mother Giant, Bernheim Forest, Kentucky. Syd Weedon, 2019

Put a coal to the sacred white sage. Make smoke.

Look to the East, to Morning and new beginnings.
Look to the South, to light, heat, energy and growth.
To the West there is wisdom and good conclusions.
To the North, I see the guiding North Star.

Spread the smoke and chant the words.

We thank the Water in which we were born.
We thank the Air that fills our lungs.
We thank the Earth who feeds us.
We thank the Fire which gives us light.

Ring the bell and light the candle.

We are the ones who are dying and rising.
We are the seed fallen to earth.
We are the first shoots breaking into the sun.
We are the fruits which nourish and sustain life.

Breathe deep and again, and then again.

Send roots down into the nourishing Earth.
Soak up the Mother’s milk of hidden, secret springs.
Awaken in the darkness, as it has always been,
and raise your head into Daylight, into the Sun.

So let it be.

Syd Weedon


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