11/1//20 – All Saints Day, My Life

Syd Weedon in 1984

My Life

Every emergency room,
every jail, every cancer ward
and nursing home in four states,
a thousand weddings,
a thousand funerals,
wading in the water –
I did that too,
stood in the hospital hall
asking how the loved one
was going to die,
thousands of sermons,
thousands of bread-breakings,
a thousand prayers
to a heaven that seems to be deaf,
for forty years…
…forty years,
a million miles in a fast car,
knocking on doors,
sitting on uncomfortable furniture,
in clothes that don’t feel anything
like what you feel inside.

My life.


  1. You have had a very demanding life.I think sometimes we get totally drained
    when in roles like this.Where is God? He seems so far away.
    Why do some of us get help and many don’t?
    Even Jesus says, why has thou forsaken me?

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