Samhain 2020

Samhain 2020, Syd Weedon

I’m casting spells tonight beneath the crazy moon, Blue Moon, Hunter’s Moon, Samhain Moon. The last time we had this moon was 1944. That was in the depth of World War II and this feels a little bit like that, like we’re under siege by a ruthless killer, and it’s time to fight or die.

I burned white sage and set my crystals out in the moonlight. I did a simple candle spell by writing what I was thinking about on a small piece of paper and then burning it in a candle. I shot pictures with my lovely camera and played my ancient 12-string guitar. I listened for the spirits.

Out there in the night there is curse and blessing, rapture and agony, truth and illusion. Out there in the night there is someone whose soul is being crushed, someone who is taking a shortcut that will ruin their lives, someone who wishes they could just close their eyes and die, someone who burns for revenge and retribution. I can feel them all. I hear little bits of their words on the night air, but never quite understand.

I wait. I listen for the elders. On this night they are supposed to be closest. The membrane between the worlds is thinnest, and if the ghosts come you must feed them with your soul and energy. They will gift you with knowledge if you respect them. They will come just the same, respect them or not. You decide how it will be – blessing or horror.

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