Incantation for Tomorrow, January 4, 2021

Incantation for Tomorrow

I dressed my candles with Rosemary oil,
lit the incense and drew the circle.
The Wand flashed in the air.
The Sacred Sage healed and cleansed.
I rang the bell and called the spirits –
demons and angels – I didn’t care –
whoever wanted to do the job would do.
I intoned the litany of change and power.
I danced with the ghosts. I played in the fire.

The rings of the grandfathers sparkle
on my fingers – the diamond,
sapphire and gold, treasures from long ago –
They talk to me at night
and tell me how things will be.
The rings are never wrong.
They cannot lie nor would they want to.
I press them against my temples
and they fill my head with visions.

I let my long hair down to the center
of the earth where it takes root
and I become a tree, and the birds nest
in my hair – the dove, the hawk
the crow and the sparrow.
I open my veins and water the earth.
We came here to bleed.
You don’t get a medal for that.
It’s just the way it is.

I got out my old guitar and played
“the secret chord that David played
and it pleased the Lord…”
Well tonight, it’s talking about pain
and redemption, cruelty and loss.
The guitar is talking about walking away
and leaving things behind. It’s talking
about compassion and mercy,
kindness, embrace, forgetting –
It sings of these things a lot –
of getting free, of getting out.

The old guitar plays the times of power
when we were young, immortal,
invincible, when we changed everything
and the power was with us.
That time is gone but the old guitar
remembers the songs, and she wants
to play them tonight for their power.
She sings my word into the night air.
My word is hope within dread.
She sings of power and I curl like a snake
around the resolute sound.


  1. That is really good,I enjoyed the thoughts and how you expressed them,I was looking at your FB page
    earlier today and wondering how you are coping in this dreadful time,I hope all will be well

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you. I really did those things. That election meant a lot to me. I was exhausted but joyful when it was finished. The joy lasted about 2 hours sadly. I am doing well — bored and eager to get the vaccine, but I’m good at entertaining myself. I hope you are doing well. You output of writing is amazing.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Good News!Thsnkd for telling me.I write to distract me from the pain I suffer but also I like doing it too,I think your poetryis excellent.I am pleased you will get the vaccine .I should get it this week.Being alone for a year I feel odd bt my neighbour brought me a Xmas Dinner and a bag of gifts from the whole street and two of my nephews also brought Xmas hampers but they can’t come inside yet.I listen to Leonard Cohen alot.I pray that you will be safe while going through the Inauguration.


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