Two Doves

Two Doves

Two doves on the corners of the eaves,
two doves in the middle of winter
when they should have flown south.
They bring me messages and visions –
peace, blessed peace, and two means love,
divine animating love, the love of the angels,
the love of wind and flame, water and earth.

Two doves on the old house eaves –
I know they are spirits – they talk to me.
They bring pictures I can see in my mind
and memories of my beginning days,
these come on their gray wings.
Their presence is the gentle message.
“Peace today,” say the doves, cooing.
“Peace to you as long as it lasts.”

Two doves in my mind, my imagination,
“Death, fertility, forgiveness, gentleness,
grief, mourning, healing magick, prophesy…”
That’s where I want to live. I want to fly with them.
I want to challenge the wind with sharp vision,
but I am an earthbound creature
and I must depend on the doves to bring me
a healing glimpse of the sky.

Syd Weedon 2/3/21


    • I have three spirit animals: the cat, a big blue bottle fly and the female of this pair. I named her “Retribution” (long story). Thank you so much for the kind words.This was a real incident and it felt like a true omen. I had just done or written something important and then I stepped out on the porch for some fresh air. That’s when they arrived, and lit just a few feet away. It was the perfect confirmation for whatever I was doing. I wish I remembered more.


  1. Like a dream image,perhaps but experienced in the real world.I am glad to read this story of how you saw them.I have collared doves here as I have let the garden become a wood.I can hear sparrows now chirruping as theybuild ther nests quite near the house

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