It slips through my fingers

Marian at Cumberland Gap

It slips through my fingers
sizzling like hot mercury.
I’m cracked like a morning egg.
I’m caught in a naked fury.

You didn’t even know me;
I forgive you even now but for what?
It wasn’t easy, peaceful or calm
when it rained down hard like that.

Your mother always liked me.
I never understood why.
When she died I was a pall bearer
and I didn’t even cry.

The time raced insanely by.
We didn’t even have time to see.
By the window you gave a sigh.
You looked over questioning at me.

Caress me secretly, tenderly now.
Wrap your arms around my head.
Let me dream of being a little child
and remember each thing we’ve said.

Syd Weedon


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